Enterprise brief

  Shandong Xin Hao Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in November, 2004. It is located in Xincheng Town, Huantai village, in Shandong, the hometown of Wang Yuyang. There are 240 members in our company, with a registered capital of 45 million RMB and a total capital of 120 million RMB. It covers 170 thousand square meters. To develop science and technology and explore new products are our fundamental policy.

  For recent years, we stick to the developing strategy of widening the market and improving the grade depending on science and technology to make it more profitable and efficient. Each administrative measure has been implemented exactly so that the production can be finished in time. Thus, our company has become a base of chemical industry, with sodium nitrite of 42 million kg, sodium nitrate of 18 million kg per year, along with yearly sales income over 200 million RMB. In addition, the output of earth salt has been ranked second in China. Meanwhile, our products have been exported to India and countries of regions of Southeast Asia and so on.

  With the precondition of maintaining efficiency and profits, our company will enlarge sales under real conditions to achieve the stability, continuity and high speed of development. In that way, we will participate in the competition in the market with more advantages.


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